6-Tonne 18M Deck Crane

6-Tonne 18M Deck Crane

Project Completed: Full Refurbishment of 6-Tonne Deck Crane
Item Supplied: 6 Tonne 18M Deck Crane
Industry: Marine & Offshore Industries
Project Completion: February 2023

The Request:
The crane, which had previously experienced wear and tear due to extensive use underwent a comprehensive overhaul in-house and was refitted to the vessel, showcasing the expertise and capabilities of the Fremantle Hydraulics skilled team.

The Fremantle Hydraulic Solution:
This project involved a series of complex tasks to restore the crane to its optimal working condition. The refurbishment process included a thorough inspection and assessment of the crane’s structural integrity, hydraulic system, electrical components, and mechanical parts. Expert technicians at Fremantle Hydraulics meticulously dismantled and cleaned each component, replaced worn-out parts, and installed a wireless remote control system, to provide a safe smooth crane operation.

The hydraulic system of the crane received special attention, as it is a critical component that enables precise lifting and positioning of heavy loads. Fremantle Hydraulics team of skilled personnel carried out a comprehensive
assessment of the system, identified any potential issues, and restore the system functionality to its original state.

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