Hydraulics equipment manufacture, service & repair

Marine, Transport, Mining and Defence Industry Hydraulics Supply and Service.

Fremantle Hydraulics is a West Australian owned company established in 1992, and is Australia’s premier supplier of components. With our fully equipped hydraulics centre and professional staff, we service the marine, mining, oil and gas, defence, and transport sectors.

Our services include hydraulic repairs and maintenance, in addition to designing, manufacturing, installing, repairing, overhauling, and testing all hydraulic components, including cylinders, pumps, motors, and valves.

We employ a crew of hydraulic specialists who have a wealth of experience in delivering cutting-edge, process-driven solutions to ensure your business productivity levels remain high. We also have in-house honing machines, testing capabilities and facilities, computer-aided design technology, and the latest manufacturing facilities.

Our facilities allow us to offer you an end-to-end hydraulic service, from the hydraulic system design and manufacture to the installation, repair, and servicing of all industrial hydraulic systems.

We offer services for both simple and complex hydraulic applications, and offer on and off-site services to the marine industry. We also perform testing of any hydraulic components associated with deck cranes and steering systems for tug and supply vessels. In addition, we oversee all aspects of your project including the design and assembly of the components as well as the onsite installation.

Our services include:

Marine hydraulics

We offer a range of marine hydraulics services to the marine industry, which we will perform on or off-site on all vessels, no matter what size. With our trained and experienced technicians, you can rely on us to get your vessels seaworthy in no time. We have developed strong relationships with many of Australia’s marine and offshore operators, and have built up a solid industry reputation due to our attention to detail and commitment to safety.

Mining hydraulics

Mining Hydraulics – The majority of equipment used in the mining industry is hydraulic, requiring extensive maintenance and repairs. We understand the importance of providing a fast and efficient service in order to keep your downtime to a minimum and productivity levels high. We offer repairs, overhauls, and testing of hydraulic components associated with the mining industry.

Transport hydraulics

With our expert hydraulics technicians and experience in servicing the transport industry, we have developed a specialist transport hydraulics division. We provide hydraulic services for:

  • Wheel-mounted cranes (single and multiple control stations)
  • Commercial truck-mounted cranes
  • Container side-lift truck hydraulics

At Fremantle Hydraulics we work around the clock to minimise your downtime and maximise productivity.

Defence hydraulics

Our talented team has extensive experience in the manufacture of hydraulic systems for defence equipment, ensuring the systems can handle exposure to harsh sea conditions and extreme temperatures. We have been providing these defence hydraulics services for many years, ensuring that we execute all services to the defence’s strict standards.

Crane repairs and services

We specialise in crane repairs, servicing and maintenance, and as one of Australia’s leading distributor of HS Marine Cranes, we are also experts in maintaining, servicing and repairing cranes for the marine and transport sectors.

Offshore Marine service and repair

With a dedicated on-site and off-site service and repair teams, we will ensure your hydraulic machinery is fully operational, 24/7. We provide a range of critical offshore marine services and our long list of successfully completed projects is a testament to our expertise in the marine sector.

Hydraulic Manufactures

Fremantle Hydraulics specialises in the design and manufacture of hydraulic components to multiple industries, including marine winches, crane parts, hydraulic pumps and hydraulic winches. Our specialist design and engineering teams use the latest software and precision manufacturing technologies to develop products that meet the highest industry standards and our workshops are fully equipped to manufacture all types of custom and standard hydraulic components.

Hydraulic Design and Installation

As an Australian leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of hydraulic components. We use the latest design software and manufacturing technologies to develop deck machinery equipment, marine hydraulic steering, marine steering systems and hydraulic circuits.

We have the facilities, equipment, and experienced design and technical staff to undertake projects of all sizes from the smallest applications to major turnkey projects.

Contact your local hydraulic specialist for all your hydraulic manufacturing, repairing and installation needs.