Policy Statement ENVIRONMENTAL

Policy Statement ENVIRONMENTAL

Fremantle Hydraulics provides hydraulics design, manufacture and installation of hydraulic systems, repairs of hydraulic components and maintenance services to a broad client base including the mining and maritime industries.

Fremantle Hydraulics recognises the irreplaceable value of the natural environment, and maintains an ongoing commitment to minimise the environmental footprint and impacts of its activities, and promotes a “Green” way of thinking in all activities and commits to:

  1. Manage its environmental impacts and waste in compliance with legal and other obligations.
  2. Assist in the prevention of pollution by reducing waste, reusing and recycling where possible and disposing of potentially harmful materials in a manner that considers the environmental impact.
  3. Continually strive to improve Environmental Policy and Procedures with a view to ensure ongoing minimisation of its environmental footprint.

To achieve these commitments Fremantle Hydraulics has developed, documented, and is implementing and continually improving comprehensive systems and procedures compliant with ISO14001

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