Design & manufacture of a Dual 3KW Steering System and Main Anchor Winch

Design & manufacture of a Dual 3KW Steering System and Main Anchor Winch

Item Supplied: Dual 3KW Steering Hydraulic Power Unit and Main Anchor Winch
Industry: Defence & Marine Industries
Project Completion: 2021

The Request:
Fremantle Hydraulics was commissioned to work on a large job for Australian Patrol Boats in 2021. The Australian Government were looking for companies to design & manufacture a steering system to maximise Australian content, rather than importing from overseas companies.

The Solution:
Our client required a custom-built In-house manifold to be designed that would need to meet all marine classification society rules and requirements. The Fremantle Hydraulics team were able to provide a solution to this and successfully design and make this a reality with the Dual 3KW Steering Hydraulic Power Unit.

The Challenge:
A challenge with this project was that we needed to factory test the Hydraulic Steering Unit with complete bridge and/or wheelhouse controls simulation. We were able to complete this and achieve a great outcome for our client (See photos indicated).

This was a very unique project for us as it needed to be proudly Australian designed and made to then be exported overseas for use at various shipyards across Asia.

Since 1992, our business has been innovating and improving fluid-powered machinery for the defence, marine and offshore, mining and transport industries. Were are proud to have yet another project completed and see our equipment proven to be reliable with another lot ready for shipping to Vietnam.

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