Design & manufacture of a 186KW diesel-driven power unit

Design & manufacture of a 186KW diesel-driven power unit

Item Supplied: 186KW Diesel Hydraulic Power Unit
Industry: Marine, Offshore & Mining Industries
Project Completion: March 2022

Designed & built inhouse using Cummins engine, Danfoss Sundstrand dual piston pumps & Hydac filtration

The Request:
Our client had been receiving inquiries for the hire of diesel-driven power units, but did not have sufficient hire equipment to fill the demand, and therefore needed another Diesel Power unit to meet the influx of requests.

The Fremantle Hydraulic Solution:
The Fremantle Hydraulic team jumped into action to understand the client’s unique needs and identify the specifications required to build another diesel-driven power unit for the client’s growing hire fleet.

The challenge:
A challenge our team rose to on this project was that we needed to design and build the power unit within a very short time frame of only three months. Our team were able to agree to this and complete our mission successfully resulting in some very happy clients faces.

This project was another proudly Australian-designed and manufactured job for the Marine, Offshore & Mining Industry.

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