Hydraulic pumps and motors

Comprehensive and thorough hydraulic pump and motor repairs

Australia’s leading supplier of hydraulic pumps and motors, Fremantle Hydraulics is a recognised service provider of pumps to the marine, offshore, industrial and mining sectors. When you need reliability, integrity and dependability, we have the right hydraulic product for your industrial needs.

We also offer hydraulic pump and motor strip-outs and testing facilities. Tests can be done on site or at our fully equipped facility where we also stock internationally renowned brands, such as Staffa, Danfoss, Calzoni, INI and Charlynn, to name a few.

Our huge selection of hydraulic products is sure to suit your service requirements, however, if you need a specific design or customised product, Fremantle Hydraulics will source it for you. We do have a varied range of hydraulic motors and pumps for sale, such as:

Hydraulic Motor Brands

Hydraulic Pump Brandsl

  • Calzoni
  • Danfoss - Recognised service centre in WA
  • Hägglunds
  • INI
  • Rexroth
  • Staffa
  • Sundstrand
  • Vickers
  • Other commercial motors
  • Kawasaki
  • Sunstrand
  • Vickers
  • Rexroth
  • Other commercial pumps



Service. Repair. Test

Choose an accredited hydraulic motor supplier. We provide a complete hydraulic motor service so you know any work carried out on your motor is completed to the highest standards. We take steps to ensure that any necessary repairs are approved by you before we undertake a full testing process. We can guarantee 100% assurance on all our work. More

Hydraulic Pumps

If you’re looking for a hydraulic pump to suit your exact requirements, Fremantle stocks a wide variety of pumps including gear pumps, vane pumps, double pumps and piston pumps, amongst others. Depending on what you need, we can offer you pumps for displacement, pressure compensation and load sensitivity, all of which are available in a variety of sizes.

Perhaps you just require hydraulic pump repairs, then Fremantle provides a reliable service that will provide you with nothing less than superior repair solutions. Your hydraulic repairs can be done at your site or in-house at our fully equipped workshop. Trust us for a fast and reliable turnaround time. We know that minimal disruption in productivity is ideal. More.

Motor Repairs

We’ve specialised in hydraulics for over 30 years so you can trust Fremantle for superior hydraulic motor repairs too. We are perfectly qualified and totally equipped to test your motor and all its capabilities. Our tests and repairs are certified by the industry and we do our utmost to ensure we can service just about any make and model of all motors out there. Our highly qualified and experienced technicians are on hand to advise you about the repairs, and answer any questions you may have about new motors.

As a hydraulic motor supplier we stock a wide range of crane motors and pumps for various industries across Australia. Our hydraulic motors for sale are used in the mining, marine, offshore and industrial sectors and are known for service efficiency and longevity.

Fremantle Hydraulics specialises in hydraulic supply, servicing and repairs. Contact us today! We are ready to help you with any questions. If we don’t have what you need, we will order it in for you. Our fast, reliable turnaround time cannot be beaten.

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