larger crane truck loading pallets onto its flatbed

Fremantle Hydraulics understands the demands of Australia’s Transport industry. We offer a number of specialist transport services to suit a wide range of applications.

Fremantle Hydraulics provides hydraulic services for:

  • Wheel-Mounted Cranes (single and multiple control stations)
  • Commercial Truck-Mounted Cranes
  • Container Side-Lift Truck Hydraulics

We also supply a large range of hydraulic products to the transport industry. Click here to view our hydraulic products online.

Why Choose Fremantle Hydraulics?

Our hydraulic technicians can overhaul, repair, and test your complete associated hydraulics system, including cylinders, pumps, and valves, to ensure they are working as effectively and efficiently as possible.

At Fremantle Hydraulics we work around the clock to minimise your downtime and maximise productivity.