Hydraulic Mining Equipment Repairs

large mining surface excavator at coal mine

Almost all of the equipment used in underground mining in Australia is hydraulic. At Fremantle Hydraulics, we understand the importance of keeping downtime to a minimum.

That’s why our technicians are available around the clock, to ensure prompt, efficient repairs and servicing.


Fremantle Hydraulics is Australia’s leading provider of hydraulic services to the mining industry.

We have the equipment, personnel, and experience to deliver on-site and off-site hydraulic services to the highest industry standards.

We offer repairs, overhauls, and testing of hydraulic components associated with:

  • Truss Conveyor Systems
  • Crushing Plants
  • Screening Plants

We also supply a large range of hydraulic products to the mining industry. Click here to view our hydraulic products online.


Why Choose Fremantle Hydraulics?

At Fremantle Hydraulics, we work hard to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum with efficient repairs and servicing. We do this by utilising our unique on-site Nutcracker, which allows us to safely and efficiently dismantle and re-assemble the largest, most complex hydraulic components, from 2” bores to 18”bore cylinders.

Hydraulic cylinders are effectively dismantled with no heat applied, eliminating the distortion of cylinder glands and barrels. Cylinders can be assembled and tested on-site using the Nutcracker.

Our in-house Honing Machines also help keep downtime to a minimum.